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**Due to the current shutdown of Iowa schools due to the nationwide health crisis, the release of most of our summer dates are on hold at this time.  We will post our summer dates and times for all locations as soon as we know more information on when it is recommended safe for large groups to meet in a classroom setting.  Depending on COVID-19 restrictions, on-line classroom sessions could be implemented for spring and summer sessions.

Burlington (at Burlington High School) 
**Second spring class scheduled for April 13th; structure and schedule could be adjusted for COVID-19
**Burlington summer dates coming soon (4 sessions)
Central Lee:     Spring class postponed until further notice       
Easton Valley:  Summer class starts July 13th (tentative pending COVID-19)          
Fort Madison: Summer dates coming soon
Keokuk:  Spring Class FULL (classroom content will be online); summer dates coming soon 
Knoxville: Summer dates coming soon 
Mount Pleasant: Summer class begins July 13th (tentative pending COVID-19)
New London:  Summer dates coming soon           
Northeast: Summer class begins June 8th (tentative pending COVID-19)                
Van Buren County: Summer dates coming soon 
Winfield-Mt. Union: Check New London or Mt. Pleasant for summer options                        

Upcoming Sessions*
Triple R Driving School; Rump's Road Rules is pleased to offer the following upcoming driver education sessions in a town near you. Class dates, times, locations, and costs are available in the registration forms for each location. 

​How to Sign Up:
Download and print the registration form.  If you are registering for a session located at the high school your student driver attends, you can bring the completed form to the main office of the high school.  Or, anyone enrolling in a class can mail the completed form to the following address: 

Ryan Rump
5000 Stream Side Circle
Des Moines, IA 50317
Have Questions?  Call Ryan at 319-470-6975.

**Sessions with fewer than 12 students registered may be cancelled, and students enrolled in the cancelled session will receive a full refund or may sign up for any other available Triple R session.  

**Have a large group of students interested in taking Driver Ed at a location and/or time not listed here?  Call Ryan to discuss scheduling options.  Must have 12 or more students to be considered for a special schedule.